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[31 Jul 2007|01:24am]

Just finished Deathly Hallows.

There... are no words.

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[27 Jul 2007|06:03pm]
Raaaaaa. Dropping e tonight. I think I look sorta cute. I got a job at Big W. Am not sure if I should be delighted or disgusted. I am leaning towards the latter. Am also srsly torn over how to part my fringe (or not at all).

Have WONDERFUL ideas to make a bathing suit from the 1920's. Shall wear it out when the summer time comes. Wear it with tights, maybe? AND LEGWARMERS.
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[17 May 2007|11:18pm]
I'm so in love with Cassie from Skins. So I put her in my userlookup.

It was so sad when Sid told her he couldn't go on their date because he got grounded. 

Cassie: "Oh wow...I didn't eat for three days so I'd look lovely..."

She's so spaced out and says 'wow' as much as I do.

In other news, I kissed Ellowyshus on the cheek today. I think it took him by surprise. I'm also memorizing Romeo and Juliet quotes to make me happy.
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[21 Nov 2006|05:42am]
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